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About Theatre Comique

Led by artistic directors Eric Davis and Corey Jamason, Theatre Comique is a group of musicians passionate about reviving American theatre music of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Our mission is simple: to recreate the vibrant style that made this music so special to audiences for so many decades. We present music from early Broadway and vaudeville through innovative programs in concert format. Our goal is not to recreate the past but to present vivid and provocative performances of this music for today’s audiences, inspired by the talent that created this music 100 years ago. 

In orchestral performances featuring our remarkable singers and world-class instrumentalists, we emulate the original performances of this music as heard in historical recordings in order to rediscover the charm and vitality of this incredible repertoire. Specializing in music by composers such as Victor Herbert, Jerome Kern, and George Gershwin, we use original orchestrations, unamplified performance, and perform in historical spaces to bring this neglected music to life once more in an approach unique in the current musical scene. We wish to perform this music in a manner that is as close to the original style as possible. As period instrument orchestras have brought baroque music to life throughout the world, we seek to offer audiences the opportunity to hear music from American comic opera, musical comedy, and vaudeville that has the same vitality and style that animated the original performances, restoring this repertoire to its rightful place in today’s music world. 

Theatre Comique is announcing major plans for our 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons. Click here for information about Theatre Comique's future projects.