Mission Statement

Theatre Comique is dedicated to the revival of early American musical theatre. Applying the principles of the early-music movement to the repertoire of the Broadway stage, Theatre Comique utilizes historically informed performance practices and original orchestrations to recapture the original sound and energy of American musicals that opened between 1890 and 1930. Our mission is to re-establish this repertoire as a staple of American musical culture through virtuosic and innovative performances. 

Using a new interpretive approach, we emulate the performance styles heard in historical recordings in order to rediscover the charm and vitality of the music that animated the American stage in the early 20th century and before. Combining musicological and editorial scholarship with the finest instrumental and vocal artistry, we believe our approach to performing this repertoire is unique in the current musical scene. We are committed to creating educational programs that build an awareness and appreciation of early American musical traditions.